09 April 2014

Long Time, No Post

I know it's been a while since I last posted here.  Life stuff took over and I didn't get to sew much.  We are six days out from the end of the sew along and I feel like this was a bust!  I envisioned something different from what is reality.  I should know not to take on too much during this time of year.

Does anyone have any updates to share?  Please post your progress.



  1. Oh, yes this I was thinking a few days ago...the life took over here also and sewing was a little postponed, with a 3 years old twins getting chickenpox ( and of course not together but with a week apart to keep the things busy :) ) I was not really in the sewing mood.
    But They will get better, grandparents are coming to visit so I hope I will get more sewing time.
    Regards ,

  2. Heck, I fell behind as well, and I had even started with my coat semi-constructed as a UFO! For me, it's largely been a matter of individual steps just taking longer than I'd planned. (I think it's easy to forget how long (timewise) it can take to just sew a long on a garment as long as a coat. I was going to insert the lining this past weekend, but I ran out of thread and spent several hours organizing my sewing room instead.

    The good news is that I did get the lining/facing inserted into the shell and topstitched. (Can you believe that took me a whole hour to do???) I still need to do the hand-sewing to attach the lining hem to the shell, and then buttonholes/buttons. I'm still hoping to finish by the end of the weekend.

    1. that was supposed to be "sew a long seam".

  3. Life took over here, too. I had the worst migraine of my life for several days before going to the doctor to get rid of it. Then I had a week away. I will get to the coat sooner or later, but I seem to be in slow and obstructed sewing mode lately. So far I have only traced the Robson pattern and cut out a muslin to test it.

  4. Why not extend the sewalong? Trench coats can be worn in spring and autumn, and even in summer if you live somewhere cool or showery :-)